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The Artz Africa Project was founded and established to create opportunities for previously disadvantaged artists based in and around Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

To Create a Sustainable Future for Indigenous Cultural Artists..

Our organization comprises of Visual Artists (Painters and Sculptors), Performing Artists (Singers, Comedians, Actors, Musicians, Inspirational Speakers) and Authors. Artz Africa Artists are at this stage unexposed, struggling Artists who have been attending various Exhibitions, Imbizo's, Art Workshops over the past year at their own cost.

Artz Africa Project trading under Nebulae Productions & Booksellers CC intends to have a management team consisting of a Project Manager (Deanne Kim (Lerato) Feneysey plus Assistant Project Co-ordinators – Bob Mnisi, Shane Hlophe, Nomakunjalo Mhethwa, Wellington Nyawo and other potential management which will be interviewed and selected from our Artz Africa Database, once funding application is approved.

  • Deanne (Lerato) is the co- founder of Artz Africa Mpumalanga group of a database consisting of close to 45 Arts and Culture artists. In 2000 Dr Phaswana and herself created a Joint Venture and started Kalahari Productions & Booksellers together, 2007 – 2011 she became the Mpumalanga Kalahari Productions and Booksellers CC Managing Director as well as the author, illustrator of over 70 OBE Department of Education Textbooks. Deanne Kim (Lerato) has been acting on behalf of the Artz Africa Projects behalf and sourced a web designer that was prepared to develop a website for us on a probona basis and we are in the development phase of creating an online page for our Arts & Culture Arts Africa artists to assist them with selling their works Nationally and Internationally.

  • Bob Mnisi is a well renown Mpumalanga artist and has won many competitions including the ABSA exhibition and Mpumalanga Agriculture Show exhibition. Shane Hlophe and Nomakunjalo Mthethwa are both Cultural Visual Artists, Wellington is actively encouraging learners to re- write their matric certificates and with his determined passion to encourage Youth to empower themselves for the benefit of Africa!  He is also busy with projects that entail anthology. Eagles academy will become an extension of Artz Africa as a project and falls under the wing of his Hamba Nami Project. Again, funding will be needed for all the above

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With our focus being on the Mpumalanga Artists Artz Africa’s aim and objectives are

Firsts and foremost to create a Sustainable Future for Indigenous Cultural Artists.

  • To promote and expose the underprivileged Artists of our province;

  • Train and facilitate in as many of the art sectors as possible;

  • Encourage and empower our Youth of Africa;

  • Extend our knowledge to those less fortunate that have not had the privilege to study.

  • Set up regular and ongoing workshops for Artists;

  • We will be starting our own Artz Africa Gallery in Kaapsehoop venue where we can exhibit, expose and sell the Artists works. In this way we will create a permanent venue for the Crafters, Visual Artists and in future other Indigenous/Cultural Artists such as Performance Artists, Musicians etc to be able to make an impact on the communities; allow for creation of new works; implement art development by giving the artists the chance to have their works displayed and promote sales therefrom; job creation.

  • To train African writers to create Textbooks and encourage Indigenous Languages – long term aim and objective.

Company Details

Artz Africa focuses on creating opportunities, exposing Indigenous Cultural Arts & Crafts and embracing to assist the Artists to have a sustainable future.

Arts and Culture is an opportunity to unite people culturally through exposing visuals whether it be through performance, painting, sculpture, poetry, music or dance.

Art is an expressive means to allow the audience the opportunity to learn about various points of view, understand various cultures and bringing people together.

Why Art?

Visual Arts - Not only is visual Arts (paintings, graphics and sculptors) an enjoyable way to decorate your space but also a great investment - by collecting art you invest in yourself as well as support the cultural local Mpumalanga, South African artists.

Performing Arts - Entertaining nevertheless, but also a great way to bring a powerful message across, reach people and share cultural experiences as well as allowing the artist to express him or herself.

Authors / Writers - Books are a great way to reach people whom you will never reach in any other way. Through reading you ascertain wisdom and educate yourself - books are a medium that lasts for years when collected and cherished.