The Following Artworks are currently for Sale

By purchasing art from Artz Africa you are not only collecting original geniune cultural African Art, but you are also supporting our local indigenious cultural african arrtists in making a living.

The vision of the Artz Africa Cultural Art Projects are to assist our local cultural African Artists in training, job creation and becoming self sustainable through the selling of their artworks.

The Artz Africa Cultural Gallery, which is based in Kaapsehoop, Mpumalanga approximately 30km from the Mbombela N4 and 12km from the Ngodwane N4 – is situated on a historical property that was built in 1900 and tucked quaintly at the edge of this village that attracts many tourists as they experience the village’s artistic appearance, Wild Horses and ancient rock formations.

The Artz Africa Cultural Gallery does not run on profit from the Artists and at their own discretion they may contribute a small percentage if they wish but this is not enforced. This percentage barely covers any costs that are required to advertise, market and sell their works but through the passion of Lerato / Deanne Kim Feneysey – who herself is an artist and Art Experience Therapist, written over 72 Educational Textbooks for DoE -wishes to see the Rural, Cultural Artists of Mpumalanga Province obtain the exposure they well overdue deserve and therefore has created a project that will ensure job opportunities for the artists to become self-sustainable.

For those wishing to purchase these amazing artworks, our Art Gallery currently operate from Kaapsehoop on a visit by appointment basis as the gallery does not generate profit and theirfore we cannot employ a full time person to run the gallery, Deanne Kim opens the gallery herself when visitors wishes to view the artworks.

You are welcome to view the artworks below and if you wish to view them at our gallery then please contact Deanne Kim Feneysey for an appointment, Alternatively you are welcome to contact Deanne Kim for more information regarding any Art that you are interested in buying and she will provide you with more information as well as the price, Art can be shipped, but due to the Art Gallery not taking a commission on sales, all shipping costs are att he expense of the buyer.


For more information please contact Deanne Kim on:

Ph / WhatsApp: +27 (0) 71 612 4851

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