Deanne Kim - Founding Member - Chairperson

Contemporary/Visual Artist/Author/Art Lecturer

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The Birth of Africa series is in the very early phases of the art making process.

The subject matter is socio political and the artist questions Democracy in South Africa in particular -although the artworks she intends painting is a universal topic.

In 2019 South Africa will be undergoing their 5-national election since the ANC came in to power in 1994 and a democratic country was created.

She wishes to paint icons of our past activists that paved the way towards South Africa becoming a democratic country. She has chosen 7 people mainly Nelson Mandela - Steve Biko - Oliver Thambo - Walter Sisuli - Chris Hanlie and Robert Sobukwe and intends doing large scale portraits of these ‘heroes. The reason for choosing 7 was due to our country being known as the Rainbow Nation and therefore the 7 Colour’s of the rainbow.

Additional paintings will be as follows:

  1. Title: Democracy? A visual expression of a Black man’s life before 1994. Dates such as 1960 are scratched into the stones as to remind viewers of the Sharpville passbook murders where 69 people - including woman and children were shot in their backs by police while running away from the guns that were opened up on them. Much blood was spilt while fighting for human rights. There is still many hurdles to cross as the minority race own majority of the land in South Africa. We are faced with unemployment, homeless people, health facility issues, educational restrictions as well as current government corruption.

  2. Title: “Sinzeni na?” (What have we done). A painting of Steve Biko with the # 619 contemporary placed.

  3. Title: “Sikalela izwelethu” (we weep for our nation) painting of Coffins with a fist being birthed.

  4. Title: “Silwel inkulueko” (Choosing Freedom)

  5. Title: “Izwe lethu”- (our land)

  6. Title: “Nongqongqo”- (name of a South African prison during the apartheid era)


Why South Africa is the rainbow nation? It was named the Rainbow Nation by Archbishop Desmond Tutu during the handover of power in 1994 as a way of uniting the many different people of different colours, races and tribes that live there.

WHY WAS THIS TITLE CHOSEN: The artworks from the “Birth of Africa” series, titled “Democracy?”, was chosen as it is a statement that questions our current socio-political situation in South Africa. With the 2019 National elections coming up, I as an artist wished to make a visual impact and present to the viewer emotional impressionistic portraits of the past ‘heroes’ that pathed the way to our Democratic country – namely Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko. The Masai Men, which are an artwork on their own, is part of a series that I am currently busy working on. I will be researching and painting ‘The lost tribes of Africa’.

WHY THESES SUBJECT MATTERS? I firmly believe in universal human rights. To me this is called ‘freedom’. My artworks speak for themselves and the viewer can ‘read’ what I as an artist feel about ‘unity’. Through my visuals I question the viewer about the ‘so called democracy’ in this country. We have fought for freedom of Human Rights for many years and so too have many other countries around the globe.

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