Sponsor Us

As Artz Africa is a None Profit Organization which has been operating since end of August 2018 at their own cost we are in urgent need of funding and support.

Thus far we have been self funded with our main funding been provided by Deanne Kim Feneysey through financial contribution to the organization as well as in kind sponsorship.

If you are interested in sponsoring us then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


What does it mean to sponsor us?

Sponsors are individuals, businesses, companies and organizations who sign an agreement with us to provide once off or short term / or random support through the following means:

  1. Financial support.
    1. As we are an NPO without any income we rely fully on the kind support of organizations to keep our company movind forward, areas where we need financial support are:
      1. Covering the costs of traveling, we attend various events, exhibitions, training programs throughout the year and our team needs to be transported to these various events, currently we provide the transportation ourselves, via directly collecting the artists from their various areas of residences, or hiring shuttles to transport the Artists.
      2. Covering the costs of training the artists, many of our artists are highly talented, but due to financial constraints are unable to afford formal training, we are in the process of drawing up training programs and training materials to train these artists and provide them with the knowledge and skills to become self supportive. By sponsoring the training programs you will be making a difference in many lives and help in creating sustainable futures for many unemployed, under exposed youth in Mpumalanga, South Africa.
      3. Covering the costs of Marketing, just like any organization Artz Africa has to constantly do marketing and Advertising, this is a costly process as designs need to be done, articles needs to be published, signage needs to be done, how can you help?
        1. By sponsoring towards our marketing campaigns, financial support for advertising, marketing, printing, banners, flyers, adds, magazing and newspaper marketing, TV and Radio marketing.
      4. Covering the costs for running and maintaining our Art Gallery, Artz Africa has recently opened their own Art Gallery in Kaapsehoop, Mpumalanga, South Africa, but just like any venue there are costs for running the Art Gallery, we need financial support to cover the rent of the Art Gallery, Utilities (Electricity, Water, Security), Maintanance (Fixing up the building, Painting of the building,) Running of the Art Gallery, as our artists are all based in rural areas in and around Mbombela, Mpumalanga, transportation is an issue and costly for them to come and help with the day to day running of the art gallery, therefore we have to employ someone to open the art gallery and promote the art to various visitors and sell their works, as we are selling the artworks at cost price to assist the artists in becoming self sustainable we do not make profit out of the Art Gallery and therefore are unable to pay the people who assist us.
      5. Venue hire, as we are constantly working of creating exposure for the various artists on our database, we are looking into setting up a variety of events throughout Mpumalanga for fund raising, networking and also art exhibitions and performance arts, but this requires renting venues, we are looking for financial assistance for this project.
  2. In kind Support
    1. Volunteer oportunities
      1. Volunteer at our Art Gallery - As our Art Gallery needs to be opened on a daily basis we need assistance with the opening and day to day running of the art gallery, if you are interested in assisting us, whether once a month, once a week or regularly, then please get in touch, as we are an NPO we cannot provide free accommodation, but we have accommodation available on the property which we can provide at a discounted rate to volunteers.
      2. Volunteer at our events - As we are constantly attending a variety of events and art exhibitions we are always in need of extra hands, this ranges from transporting artists to and from the events, transporting artworks, helping with the set up, assisting at the events by helping us promote and sell artworks and more... for more information about how you can get involved please contact us.
      3. Share our news feeds, events and our art gallery on your social media pages, with your friends, family and other contacts, we are always in need of marketing and advertising.
        1. For more information on how you can assist as a volunteer please contact us directly...
    2. Donate to our projects
      1. Donations we are always in need of:
        1. Food, drinks and snakcs for our art gallery, events and artists during exhibitions and events.
        2. Art Materials:
          1. Paints
          2. Paint brushes
          3. Canvasses
          4. Wood
            1. For a detailed list of materials we use for creating artwork please contact us...
        3. Maintanance materials - As we need to constantly maintain our venue situated in Kaapsehoop any maintanance materials is always welcome.
          1. Paints to paint the building
          2. Appliances - Electrical (light bulbs, lamps, wood to create more easels)
          3. Roofing materials.
          4. Signage materials
          5. Security equipment to secure our gallery
            1. for a detailed list of materials we need please contact us...
        4. Adopt an Artist program
          1. Our Adopt an artist program allows you to donate directly towards to training, marketing, and exhibitions of the artists of your choice, the contributions are made towards Artz Africa and managed by the organization in order to make sure that the artists receive full training, dedicated marketing and more exhibitions.
            1. For more information on how the Adopt an Artist program works and which artists are on our list for the program, how you can assist please contact us directly...
        5. Adopt a project
          1. Artz Africa is involved with a variety of different projects throughout Mpumalanga, from the artists volunteering their time to assist and train kids at schools to training each other, if you would like more information on this project and how you can assist, please contact us directly...
    3. Other ways you can support us
      1. As we are constantly working on promoting our artists, and their works there are a variety of ways you can assist and get involved, please see the list below for more information.
        1. Sponsor a venue for an Art Exhibition
        2. Sponsor a venue for one of our fund raising events
        3. Sponsor transportation for our artists
        4. Sponsor towards our advertising and marketing
        5. Sponsor towards our training programs and job creation initiatives
        6. Sponsor Signage
        7. Sponsor us with Accommodation for our artists in the various areas in Mpumalanga
        8. Sponsor us with vehicles
        9. Sponsor towards the cost of fuel and traveling
        10. Sponsor towards training centres, training materials, administrative equipment (phones, pc's, laptops, tablets, internet, printers, printing paper...etc)
    4. Hire our artists to do murals at your business, organizaton, hotel, lodge, property.
      1. As our artists are all struggling any projects will assist them, our artists are highly tallented and if you are looking for an artist to do artistic murals at your property then please contact us with your request, we will assign the artist who's style, tallent and experience suits your needs to make sure you get quality work.

What benefits do we give to our sponsors / parners?

  • By becoming a sponsor / parner you will receive recognician by having your logo and business / company information displayed on our website, our partners will also be allowed to display their business logo and business information at our art gallery on signage / banners / flags / via the means of their advertising or promotional materials, at our art gallery as well as at events organized by Artz Africa.


If you are interested in sponsoring us, then please contact us directly for more information, please provide us with the following details when you contact us so that we can send you a detialed custom proposal and contract so that we can start moving forward and working together.

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Company name
  3. Contact details
  4. How you would like to sponsor or assist us.
  5. Type of support you want to offer (once off, regularly, short term, long term)
  6. Which benefits we offer our sponsors / partners you are interested in.

Contact details

Deanne Kim Feneysey - Director of Artz Africa

Ph / WhatsApp: +27 (0) 71 612 4851

Email 1: deanne@xwi.co.za

Email 2: nebulaeproductions@xwi.co.za