About Artz Africa

Art is expression. Every human and even animal have the desire to express themselves. If you listen to a lion roaring, they have different roars depending on what they are trying to say. Art is the same. The different forms of Arts allow us to express ourselves in different ways.

Visual Arts - When you are in pain you are expressing yourself through the colours, lines, shades and even your chosen medium that you are using, every stripe has a meaning, every colour speaks a different emotion. Sculpturing is the same except it express in a 3-dimentional form - every shape we create, every dent, every medium add to the sculpture tells a story and brings forth the emotion and intention of the artist.

Music - through music, sound and dance we express ourselves in another ways - tapping directly into our emotion, bringing it across in a pure form, allowing the listener of viewer to feel our emotion, see our emotion, hear it, taste it and finally to become part of it.

Writing - whether you are writing a book or compiling poetry, you are expressing yourself, telling your story, sharing your emotion, allowing the reader to become a part of what you are sharing and bringing across and feeling and experiencing everything.


Our Vision

Working towards creating a Sustainable future for Indegenous Cultural Artists.

    • To create a permanent base for Cultural Artists to practice and expose their Arts.

    • To create the opportunity for artists to exhibit their Artworks, share their passions and gain exposure.

    • To allow the local Cultural Artist the opportunity to receive additional training.

    Currently the members of Artz Africa have been travelling from all over Mpumalanga to various exhibitions, training workshops and Imbizo's to share their art, gain knowledge and empower themselves. Most of these events lasts from a few hours to a few days. These artists mainly use public transport which considering that some of them travels with paintings and sculptures the high risk of causing damage, wear and tear to their artworks must be taken into consideration. However, this has not broken their spirit and they have been traveling at their own cost to every possible event they are able to make it to.

    Our vision is to create the opportunity for them to place their Artworks in a set gallery where it can be exhibited, sold and keep them supported to keep creating artworks and living their passions.

Our Mission

First and Foremost is to Create a Sustainable Future for Indegenous Cultural Artists.

Mpumalanga has got amazing talent and it needs to be shared with the rest of the public but without the necessary base to operate from and without given the proper training it will become very difficult for these artists to share their artworks and expose their culture through the various forms of art they are involved with.

Our mission is to create the opportunity for the Artists to keep working, provide them with the needed training, set up events for them to share their messages and talents, and most importantly to promote them.

Currently Art Africa has a database of 45 various artists ranging from Visual Artist to Cultural Performance.

This vision was birthed when four Mbombela Artist met and formed this group. Shane Hlope – who is a Visual Artist and winner of the Mbombela Agricultural Show 2018, Bob Mnisi a well renown South African Visual Artist and winner of the Mbombela Agricultural Show 2017, Wellington Nyawo - the founder and facilitator of Eagles Nest Academy, writer, comedian, poet and lecturer. Deanne Kim a well renown Contemporary Visual Artist, Author and Art Lecturer,

Our Members


Deanne Kim - Lerato Contemporary/Visual Artist/Author/Art Lecturor
Shane Hlope Visual Artist / Winner of Mbombela Agricultural Show 2018
Wellington Nyawo Comedian / Poet / Writer / Teacher / Founder of Eagles and Hamba Nami projects and Anthologist


Angelique Cultural Fashion Designer
Faith Cultural Clothing Designer
Nonhlanhla Indigenous clothing designer